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I help  you rebalance your health and lose weight through lifestyle habits   modification


My Health Journey

Eating clean and healthy has not always been part of my lifestyle practices. I spent most of my childhood and college years eating a diet deficient in nutrients, loaded with highly processed foods and sugar. Eating to me was just a mindless act. I was never thoughtful of the importance of providing my body a nutrient-dense diet.


This unhealthy way of eating led me to suffer all sort of medical conditions, from moderate gastritis to food sensitivities and severe allergic reactions.

Not to mention frequent colds, adult asthma episodes, cold sores, and migraines. I spent most of my college years and my early career days feeling sick. I experienced abdominal pain with most of my meals. I was tired of being sick and sickly tired.

Despite all my symptoms, I completed a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. While working in this field, I witnessed first-hand the impact food has on our bodies, but more specifically in the joints and muscles. Obesity and poor ways of eating in general, led patients to chronic pain, inflammation, and fatigue. I saw how these conditions affected their daily activities’ performance. All debilitating conditions that hinder people from being and feeling at their best.

While completing my Doctorate in physical therapy, from the University of St. Augustine, I realized I wanted to help people live a functional and pain free life. I knew that I needed to integrate nutrition to my base knowledge to get the best results.

I felt that as much as I tried to eat “healthy”, I still lacked the knowledge of how to properly nurture my body.

While looking for an answer to make me feel better and healthy. I came into the world of functional medicine. It’s been now years of me studying, reading, and learning new ways to care for my health and body.

During this journey for a healthy lifestyle, I got married and had two beautiful children. I began to apply the concepts I was learning, making dramatical changes in my lifestyle. My digestive issues resolved; I do not longer present with any allergic reactions. I can eat a varied clean diet with no symptoms afterwards. I feel stronger, I sleep better, and I can enjoy quality family time. My husband decided to join me due to his own chronic severe digestive issues such as bloating, pain, lack of energy. I saw a positive impact in his own life when adopting such changes. My children present with better attention and behavioral skills at home and school, not to mention their overall wellness.

I was still determined to learn more and that is how I became a certified functional medicine health coach from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.  I have incorporated a clean healthy diet and environment at home. I also learned about the impact food and the environment have in my children’s health and behavior. I decided to offer them a world full of nutrition and free from hidden toxins. I see how this has led them to a healthy and happy life with less behavioral and learning challenges.

After learning what it takes to create a unique and healthy journey, I am delighted to share all this knowledge and help you. Whether is about feeling less pain, experiencing less fatigue, losing weight, overcoming gut issues, or improving your child’s health and behavior, we can work together and implement healthier lifestyle choices.

As a health coach, I will listen to you and bring awareness to the aspects of your life you need to improve, so that you can begin a journey that leads you to true health.

Let’s create together a path to a life free from disease!
Yours truly,





"We know that food is

medicine, perhaps the

most powerful drug on

the planet with the

power to cause or cure

most disease"

Dr. Mark Hyman

Client Success Stories

I have tried for a long time to lose weight and change my eating habits and it was thanks to your help that I was able to gradually make those changes that I never thought I would be able to do and in just 3 months I have obtained excellent results that have not only helped me lose weight, but also helped me  make  good decisions when buying food.  It is impressive how many things can be changed with good guidance.

Grace Cabrera

I used to think changing my lifestyle would be hard but it wasn’t. It takes time and dedication but it’s worth the health benefits and changes it brings. I promise you, you will not regret this program!. I’ve been helped when I felt overwhelmed and felt like giving up, with kind words and motivation. Do this for YOUR health and wellness!!!

Juliana Molina

I used to have so many issues. I was overweight; I was tired all the time, and everything I ate made me sick until I met with Marisol. She made some suggestions that greatly improved my health, gave me energy and allowed me to lose weight. Best of all, it wasn’t a diet where I would gain the weight back, it was a change in my lifestyle. Now I can eat everything and make the best decisions for my health.

Arturo A.